A Heart of Thankfulness

Wow! A lot has happened since I last posted a blog way back in September. In September, my family and I knew that it was time to pursue moving once again. I posted this quote by Brian Littrell in June when our initial plans to move got pushed back: “On the road of life there are many doors. Some we kick open, some we push, some are locked, and some are wide open….. sometimes it’s the one that you have to knock and wait patiently…. showing your character….”

We had knocked and waited and, after much prayer, we knew that the door had opened up and that it was time to walk through it. We had learned a ton of things the first try around and made some changes. One of the changes that we made was to keep it “quiet” and take 1 step at a time through the process.

We spent most of the summer doing some upgrades to our home and preparing for the biggest change of our lives. We put our home up for sale at the end of September. Within 3 weeks we had an amazing offer. We closed on our home mid November.  We had a wonderful realtor who communicated awesomely and was very patient with us through our many questions.  He never made us feel like we were a burden and truly looked out for our best interests through the whole process.  Thank you, Steve Collins!

Leaving the place that we had raised our 2 kids in was harder for my husband and I than we had thought it would be. Before we stepped out the door of our empty home for the last time, we stood in the living room and just looked around and cried as we recounted 18 years of wonderful memories. We can only hope that the new owner loves the house as much as we have!

We stayed with my mother-in-law for 6 days. We wanted to spend Thanksgiving with her. It was a very special time! We watched tons of Christmas movies, talked, and rested up for the 1100 mile trip ahead of us. We can’t thank her enough for putting up with 4 extra people invading her home for those 6 days. She was so hospitable to us!

The morning after Thanksgiving we took off in our 2 vehicles. My husband towed a 6×12 Uhaul trailer filled with valuables that we did not want going in our moving trailer and I followed in our car. We drove for 18.5 hours and finally landed for the night at 2 a.m., just 30 minutes away from our destination.

We got up bright and early a few hours later and drove to our apartment. We had rented an apartment with an attached garage, which we were planning to use for storage for our household items. One of our concerns was that the garage would not be large enough to fit all of our belongings in. God sure does look out for us! Our garage is huge and has enough room for 3 cars in it, so we were blessed with more than enough room for all of our stuff!

We took out a 3 month lease on the apartment and will be looking for a house to purchase during that time. Our apartment complex is very nice! Our apartment is tiny but we are so thankful for it!

We have so many things to be thankful for right now. First of all we are thankful for the sale of our home back in Indiana. We are also thankful for the safe trip of 1100 miles down to Florida, for our apartment complex which is allowing us to take on a short term lease, for our huge garage, and most of all, that my family and I could make this move together!

We are so looking forward to getting to know the new area and seeking out how we can serve God best here. We will begin looking for a church home soon and are looking forward to the new changes all around us from the scenery, to the climate, to the people. The word “thankful” does not even begin to describe the emotions that I currently feel. I would describe it visually as one huge heart!

Written by Kathryn Conrad

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